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Atheist Journey blog has Resurrected

I am an atheist immersed in a Christian culture. I created this blog in 2008 to address issues that I believe threaten the very existence of our civilization. I wrote a number of blog posts, and then in 2009 I began a 40-day fast as a spiritual exercise. During that fast, more than eight years ago, I walked away from this blog. Now I have come back and hope to resurrect the blog.

The issues facing us today, namely the battle between religion and atheism, and between the various religions themselves, are as important today as they were eight years ago, maybe more important. I offer a unique perspective, as an atheist sympathetic to the needs of people for religion, as a scientist and mathematician, and as a writer.

A few short days after finishing my 40-day fast, I gave a 37 minute talk on the experience and what I had learned from the fast, to members of the Journey Imperfect Faith Community of Austin, Texas. Hopefully, you will find some of my thoughts useful in your own life: